Multi monitor setup in Linux (with a minimal window manager)

One of the good things from a Desktop Environment in Linux is, that it helps you setting up many aspects of your Desktop. However, as some of you might know, I have made the switch from Gnome3 to i3wm. It was the first time I tried a tiling window manager, but the ride has been good for the past 6 months.

However, there was one aspect where I needed an improvement: setting up a multi monitor desktop. I love i3wm, but it does nothing to help me in this respect. I can use arandr (or any other randr GUI or commandline utility), but than I would be adjusting the same settings every single day again and again. Not my cup o f tea…

So I started to build a simple script to make settings up a multi monitor setup easy. It started in Bash, but recently I started over and programmed it in Python (2.7). The tool relies on xrandr. I am sure that there are other solutions, and maybe better once, but I like the result of my afternoon of work.

You can find the script (with a short how-to) on github:

If you want to perform a git checkout, use this link:

If you want to install it in ArchLinux, use the AUR repository. You can find the PKGBUILD here: