Test your Antivirus (Fireclam)

When using an antivirus solution make sure it is tested and does protect you. For Fireclam I needed a testfile to check how it works. Read on to see how you can test it.

Since Online Banking in the Netherlands requires you to have an up-to-date anti-virus solution, I decided to install clamav. Of course, this is not super important on my Linux computers (especially since mine are ArchLinux and thus up-to-date).

Installing clamav for the different OSes is easy and can be found using Google. I will not discuss this here. I figured that I wanted to automatically scan my downloads and therefore I installed Fireclam (a Firefox add-on). Of course, I wanted to test whether or not this add-on works.

It is not easy to find a (safe) downloadable test virus. I found this link, but all/most required me to register and I was not willing to do that. Therefore I created my own safe virus testfile. It contains the code as described here.

You can download that testfile below:

This download is detected as a virus. However, it is the EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE. It is safe to download if the MD5SUM is as follows:

69630e4574ec6798239b091cda43dca0  virustestfile.bin

Make sure you test this!



ThomasV (not verified)

. March 7th, 2014

Thanks for sharing Patrick ;) Worked great!