ArchLinux and ownCloud: CSync failed to create a lock file

This time a short how-to about solving the csync error for the ownCloud client on Archlinux.

Every now and again the ownCloud client does not want to contect anymore due to the following error: CSync failed to create a lock file

The issue seems to be easily solved by removing the lock-file, as suggested (for example) here and here. However, these folders and files do not exist in ArchLinux.

In Archlinux we need to remove the lock-file from the ~/.local/share/data/ownCloud/ folder. You could do this via: rm -r ~/.local/share/data/ownCloud/lock


Andreas (not verified)

. July 28th, 2013

the lockfile on my pc with ubuntu 12.10 and owncloud client 1.0.5 was located in ~/.csync/lock


. September 17th, 2013

Thanks for the heads-up!