To limit the time I need to process my bank details (read: entering them into GNUCash), I figured that I wanted to import them into GNUCash. This saves me a lot of time typing everything in.

Sounds good, but what next? Well, I checked if I could download a filetype that GNUCash can read natively. I have read that it should be possible, but I did not manage. So I went on to find a real working solution… and here we are.

Here is what I do. I download the MT940 files via_ downloaden ->  bij- en afschrijvingen_. After this I use the free (as in speech) tool mtconverter. With this tool I convert the ABN-AMRO MT940 file into a ofx file. The great thing is that GNUCash can read ofx files easily.

So how did I perform the conversion? Simple:

java -jar mtconverter-0.01.jar input_mt940_file.STA output_orf_file.ofx

You want this as well? Download the tool here.

If you are a ARCH LINUX user then you can find mtconvert in AUR (see here).