Improved EeePC

 As you might remember from my previous post; I tried to change the language of Xandros on the Eeepc from Dutch to English. Well, it appeared to work, but in the end… nothing worked anymore!

So I had to do something and I did! I installed a real and decent operating system on this little friend of mine. After a short seaarch on the internet I decided that I wanted Debian on it, but I also noticed that it would take me a lot of time to get that running in the best way. Therefore I decided to download and install eeebuntu.

After working on it for some time I can conclude that the speed is very good and the software is much better. There is really NO reason on this world to go back to that (from my point of view) crappy Xandros. Ubuntu is still enough Debian to be on that computer.


If you want to install Debian linux on your eeepc (or from a USB stick), then follow this guide. Just remember that after you have ‘zcatted’ the boot.img.gz to the usb device, you have to copy the cd/dvd image to the USB device (not the content of that image).


A good resource for updates

A great place to look for some additional info is here. Here you will find a custom kernel and some other useful stuff. Also you can find some very good tips!

A really useful change

The only change I find “useful enough” and “not too personal” too share is the one where you add a umount utility to the Panel (the bar at the top of the screen on a fresh installation). Without this addition it might be a bit hard to umount (remove) usb sticks etc. from the computer in a decent way.

So what do we do. We first right click on that Panel. Now choose “Add to panel”. A nice screen pops up. Here you will look for something called: “Disk mounter”. Just drag-and-drop this application to that panel at the desired place (I put it between the Bin and the Time applets).

From now on you will see an icon for every device you add to the computer. By clicking on that icon you have the possibility to umount (and mount) that device easily.

There is however something to change to make this thing most useful. There will be 1 icon that displays that your cd-rom is not mounted. Well, that is not very strange as the EeePC does not have a cd-rom. To make this message disappoar type the following command in a terminal screen:

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

Type your password and review the file on the screen. There will be a line with the text cd-rom or cdrom. Just put a “#” in front of that line! Save the change and you will see that the icon automatically disappears.

Anyway, cheers and I hope that this blog might help you a bit.

Get the mic working

I have the following from here. To get the mic going, follow the next steps:

sudo apt-get install module-assistant
sudo m-a update
sudo m-a prepare
sudo m-a a-i alsa

After this you must adjust the mixer settings and you should set the front mic as input mic. Do this via the alsamixer:


Use “tab” to go to the “Capture” part and change the volume and the input there…

Get the webcam working

This is easier. When the laptop starts press “F2”. This should bring you to the BIOS setup. Here you search for the Webcam setting. “Enable” the webcam and it will start working in eeebuntu.

Speed up eeebuntu

Until now I have the following tips (for how to do it I refer to Google or your prefered search engine):

  • use lcde instead of gnome