Syncing with Sunbird

The last few weeks I have been doing research for how to sync the calendar of my new mobile phone (Samsung F700) with my computer. Of course, Samsung delivers a nice sync utility that allows to sync the mobile phone with Microsoft Outlook, but as I use Linux as my main operating system, Microsoft Outlook is not an option.

In Linux there are basically two options which I have looked into. This would be Evolution and a Thunderbird-Sunbird combination. The choice I made here is the Thunderbird-Sunbird combination. Personally I prefer Thunderbird over Evolution for various reasons (which I will not dive into now) and therefore I will choose Sunbird.

So then, did I manage to get my mobile phone synced with Sunbird in Linux? Shortly; Yes and No.

I did not manage to sync it when booted into Linux, so my answer is a NO. However, I did manage in a very bloated, inefficient and strange way. Let me shortly describe this in a step by step description:

  • Boot into Microsoft Windows
  • Sync my mobile phone with Microsoft Outlook
  • Sync Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar
  • Reboot into Linux
  • Sync Google Calendar with Sunbird
  • Work in Subird
  • Sync Sunbird with Google Calendar
  • Reboot into Microsoft Windows
  • Sync Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook
  • Sync Microsoft Outlook with my mobile phone

Hmm, this does indeed not look like a nice and efficient way. I assure you it is not. Even this way I need special tools. To sync between the mobile phone and Microsoft Outlook I use the standard Samsung software. To sync between Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar I bought a nice tool called gSyncit. To sync between Sunbird and Google Calendar I used the “Provider for Google calendar” add-on.

So how should this work? Well easy. I bought this phone because it was SyncML compliant. This is a nice standard and it should help to make syncing easy, in every OS and with any SyncML compliant program. Sadly it does not work like this. There is no support and everything is that much closed that it seems to be impossible to get the stuff synced.

Maybe a nice time to start writing my own program to sync with this mobile phone or to ask more information from Samsung. We will see where it ends.


Anonymous (not verified)

. July 6th, 2008

Can a F700 run Java apps? In that case you can use  the gcalsync ( to sync with Google Calendar over the air. I use it on a Nokia N-series … and best of it it’s fee.

Anonymous (not verified)

. July 11th, 2008

Why not to try goosync ( which is a commercial product to synchronize your google calendar over the air. It has a free version and also a subscription-version for better tasks.