Which Linux I choose

NOTE: I am using a different distro now: ArchLinux.

A question for a lot of people who would like to change from Microsoft Windows to Linux is:

“Which distribution should I choose?”

The nice issue about this question is that everybody has their own opinion. Most people say something like; “Try all and choose what you like most”. I think this is the worst answer possible. After being disappointed for the 3rd time a lot of people are back to their Windows.

Not that there is anything wrong with Microsoft Windows. I still use it as softwere devellopment platform and for programs like Matlab. I even still tend to use Microsoft Office Powerpoint as this gives better results then OpenOffice Imperss, but let us not dive into that discussion.

So, what would be my answer to this burning question. Well, I would give the people basicaly 2 options. I would suggest to use either Ubuntu/Kubuntu or Fedora Core. Both of course with the latest versions.

The reason for proposing these options are quite simple:

1. They are easy to use

2. They are stable

3. They come standard with good settings and well choosen software

4. They are easy to install

5. They are easy to maintain

6. I can give them help when they need it

An other good point for both is their livecd. With this cd you can use the operating system without the need of installing them. So you can see how it works and how it looks out of the box. It will not give you a glans of its speed, but that is becaus it runs from the cd.

As most people know, I use Ubuntu (or Debian) as my main operating system. These are my favourite because of the Software installation tools. I think there is no operations system that gives the user this much choice and options in installing software while keeping it plain easy!

Then I would like to close this with opinting in the right directions. So here we go:

If you have questions regarding Linux feel free to approach me. I do not claim to know everything, but I know my way around. I guess I can help as good as you neighbour-who-knows-windows-wizzkid does.