Impulsive holiday

Yes, it most sounds like a great song from “10cc”, but it was even better.

Last weekend there was the goodbye party of a friend. At this (very nice) party the idea popped-up to take a short break and go to France. Who initiated the idea, I have no clue, but I do know who implemented it.

Anyway, at about midnight most people left the party. I was still there together with the 3 friends I arrived at the party with. At this time one of them ask me if I would join them to France… now! Of course, as I thought it was one of their bad jokes, I said yes. A little time later the joke grew into a real idea and no more then 2 hours later we had packed our bags and where driving in the direction of France. The whole decision making process took about 10 minutes.

Of course I like such crazy, impulsive (end almost innovative) ideas and of course, the holiday was great. We went to some place in the Elzas where the parents of one of us owned a house. On Sunday we went to visit an old World War 2 bunker and on Monday we went to visit Strasbourg.

On Monday evening we drove back home again (as we all had a lot to catch up).

Yes, going away like that is great, but the rest of the world keeps turning…