The big search

And difficult it is, my big search. What I am searching for? For a subject for  my thesis.

Recently I was very “inspired” by the book of Jeff Hawkins; On Intelligence. This describes a method to model the neo-cortex of a human brain (alse see the Numenta website).

The theory he describes in this book and in quite a few of the articles he presented seems quite interesting. A very little testing from my side also give him some credits. The so called “pictures example” works quite well.

But, of course, this is not a topic for a thesis. So I thought I could do something with this theory. It turns out that, after talking with my professor, Eric Postma, that this interesting field does not help me much in  my quest. Actually I could argue that it works against me.

So where does my quest lead to. I still don’t know, but tomorrow I have again an appointment with my professor and then we will see where we could go with this.