(Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe)

In this AEGEE only my activities for AEGEE are covered. You may expect to find:

  • AEGEE-Eindhoven
  • European Working Groups
  • European Commissions
  • European projects
  • European events
  • AEGEE-Academy events
  • Statutory meetings
  • Exchanges
  • External events



  • Board member AEGEE-Eindhoven President and external affairs Elected for 1 year as full time board member From September 2005 until October 2006
  • Activity commission Co-organising local events for AEGEE-Eindhoven
  • Gazet commission Editor of the local magazine for AEGEE-Eindhoven
  • Audit commission Member of the audit commission of AEGEE-Eindhoven
  • NESTOR of AEGEE-Eindhoven The “old and experienced” members of AEGEE-Eindhoven are gathered in NESTOR (Nobiles Ed Subvenire Tembread Omnis Respondes = We are old and we answer to all)
  • Board member Stichting Speciale Activiteiten AEGEE-Eindhoven Started this special committee to support the new board members of AEGEE-Eindhoven during the planning phase and to build on a long-term planning for AEGEE-Eindhoven


European Working Groups

  • AEGEE-Academy Trainer, mentor and tutor Board member; Public relations (term 1; Valletta - Eskisehir) Board member; Human resources (term 2; Eskisehir - Ljubljana)
  • Dance Working Group Board member; Speaker (term 1; Eskisehir - Ljubljana)


European Commissions

Members Commission President (term 1; Ljubljana - Aachen) Member (term 2; Aachen - Magusa)


European projects

  • Democratic education in highschools 2006 (Take Control; Flagship project)
  • Manager “Trainers for trainers for highschool education” in Budapest


European events

  • New Year event Rome Visitor
  • Mediaschool 2005 Eindhoven In cooperation with Studio manager and local organiser
  • Travel Summer University 2005, Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Maastricht Organiser
  • Regional Boards Meeting, Eindhoven, Fall 2005 Coordinator and local organiser
  • Spice Matters Winter University 2005-2006 Riga Participants
  • World Leadership congress 2006 Treasurer Thematic affairs (arranging the program and the speakers) and case manager Responsible for the planning during the week
  • Mediaschool 2006 Poznan Visitor


AEGEE-Academy events

  • European School 1 Zaragoza, Fall 2005 Participant
  • European School 1 Passau, Spring 2006 External speaker
  • Public Relations European School 2 Pecs, February 2007 Now, I am trying to get it st Trainer and tutor
  • European School 1 Gdansk, Fall 2007 Trainer and tutor
  • European School 1 Enschede, Spring 2008 Trainer
  • Trainers for Trainers Bucaresti, Summer 2008 Trainer
  • European School 1 Riga, Winter 2010 Co-manager, case-manager, trainer
  • ProTrain Programme 2012 Coach of an upcomming trainer.


Statutory meetings

  • Agora, Enschede, Spring 2005 Delegate AEGEE-Eindhoven
  • Agora, Izmir, Fall 2005 Delegate AEGEE-Eindhoven
  • EBM, Sofia, Spring 2006 Delegate AEGEE-Eindhoven
  • Agora, Warsaw, Spring 2006 Delegate AEGEE-Eindhoven
  • Agora, Valletta, Spring 2007 Delegate AEGEE-Academy
  • Agora, Eskisehir, Autumn 2007 Delegate AEGEE-Academy
  • EBM, Delft, Spring 2008 Delegate AEGEE-Academy
  • Agora, Ljubljana, Spring 2008 Delegate AEGEE-Academy
  • Agora, Aachen, Autumn 2008 Envoy Members Commission
  • Agora, Magusa, **Spring** 2009 Envoy Members Commission
  • Agora, Leiden, **Spring** 2010 Visitor AEGEE-Eindhoven



  • Belgrade, Minsk, Tbilisi, Leuven and Eindhoven in Eindhoven 2004 Participant
  • Tbilisi and Eindhoven in Tbilisi 2005 Participant
  • Moscow and Eindhoven in Moscow 2005 Participant
  • Poznan and Eindhoven in Poznan 2006 Organiser
  • Aachen and Eindhoven in Eindhoven 2006 Participant


External events

  • AskNaomi, Training for Starting trainers Participant